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At Hotel Parque Tropical we recognize that each action has an impact and we seek sustainable tourism and a future. We want to add positive actions to protect our home, our planet. For this reason, we take action here and now, taking care of the environment and the community of Gran Canaria.

Our motto is “Care global, act local!” and our mission is to manage our business activity in a way that contributes to the care and well-being of the environment, people and the company. Identify and support our commitments with *Tropicares*.

We have initiated an improvement for the use of resources, supporting sustainable solutions and collaborating with associations on the island. Together with our guests and employees, we reduce the use of water, plastics and energy, and improve the management of our waste. In addition, we collaborate with Oceans4Life helping to improve the Canary coasts with the problem of plastic. In turn, by supporting the Canarias Siempreviva initiative, we achieved actions to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere with its composting project. Likewise, we support the consumption of local products and to maintain cultural traditions with our Canarian Sundays and Canarian themed dinners.


For all these actions that contribute to improving the environment, together with our goals for the coming years, we have received the prestigious Travelife Gold sustainability certification.

Our commitment


We are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and are committed to managing our business in a way that minimizes and reduces our environmental    impact. In addition, we understand our business as an opportunity to raise awareness in society, creating sustainable habits at work that will become sustainable habits for your home and the community. 

Our local actions to care globally

Our goals for 2024


Our environmental policy
You can download our environmental policy here.


Now we build the future and we achieve it by doing it together!


If you want to know more about our progress or have any improvement proposals, contact us at quality@hotelparquetropical.com.